Does your business need a Manager or a Director? [Part 1]: Demystifying Managers.

Most people confuse the roles of a manager with a director and vice versa, but they are not the same. Directors can sometimes perform the role of a manager depending on the stage of business and the situation.

A manager is a paid employee of the business who possesses the abilities, knowledge, and proficiency to run the business. They ensure that the business is well represented to all key stakeholders. Here are some distinct aspects of a manager’s role in a business.

1. On vision: Managers operationalize the business vision and core values passed down from the directors. They create departmental goals and ensure alignment with the corporate vision.

2. On leadership: A manager is responsible for hiring, training, and firing employees. He/she is responsible for instructing, supervising, and motivating employees and directing the organization’s progress.

3. On function: The manager breaks down the business plan into specific tasks and determines the right person or department for each task and the timelines for each task. He/she is also responsible for monitoring and controlling expenses.

4. On planning: Managers are involved in the short to medium-term business strategy and planning. They are also responsible for ensuring that there are resources to achieve the plan.

5. On accountability: They are accountable to the directors of the business.

A manager is a person you hire to control your business’s day-to-day affairs, supervise the various groups or units, and be held accountable for the success of those units and the overall business.

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